Joline Jolink

”Rock the future in a timeless wardrobe”, Dutch sustainable fashion designer Joline Jolink believes in a future where we see mother nature as an endless source of creativity and inspiration.

We are out of office

“It sounds harsh but when you start your business nobody will know you, nobody is going to call you. If you want something to happen, make it happen.”

American Vinyl Co.

“I love field recording… The unedited live performances with all the noise, dirt and grit spoke to me.”

Marije Braber – Lovely Lane

“In 1991 I was fifteen. I had rollerskates and would go to Amsterdam to visit the flea markets. I saw vintage Penny Lane coats and jewels from India and I fell in love.”

Alja Horvat

“If your heart is telling this is the right thing, you should just go for it!”


“Tattoo art can no longer be defined by just a few styles. Any style of artwork transfers onto human skin when you find the right tattoo artist.”

Emily Katz

“People are so focused on their tech, but macrame is not only something beautiful you can make for your home, it is also deeply relaxing!”

Olivia Steele

“All of my art comes from my heart. I think this quote by Yayoi Kusama, best sums up my approach: ‘Every time that I have had a problem, I have confronted it with the ax of Art.'”

Milou Neelen – Hôtel Magique

“Somebody once said to me, you shouldn’t just see yourself as somebody that can illustrate nicely, see yourself as a business – you deliver a service that someone else can’t deliver.”

Maryanne Moodie

“I have found that my best work has come from really acknowledging emotions and channelling them into my work like art therapy.”

Noortje de Keijzer

“For me a lot of inspiration comes from movies, the feelings, colors and stories that movies can communicate really appeal to me… In movies you can use your imagination and loose yourself completely.”